Silk Scarves

Silk Road Textiles proudly brings you New Zealand’s leading range of beautifully crafted silk scarves.

Our  silk scarves are in their natural, boiled-off state, making them perfect for dyeing and painting. All scarves are exquisitely finished with a hand-rolled silk thread hem.


Silk Scarves (Individual price but sold in packs of 12)

Code Colour Width Description Price
G1012B/01 Boiled Off 23x137cm Silk Paj 5MM $9.75
G1012C/01 Boiled Off 30x152cm Silk Paj 5MM $10.40
G1012E/01 Boiled Off 32.5x200cm Silk Paj 5MM $12.35
G1012G/01 Boiled Off 13x112cm Silk Paj 5MM $4.55
G1012A/01 Boiled Off 90x90cm Silk Paj 5MM $14.25
G1014A/01 Boiled Off 35x185cm Silk Georgette 8MM $13.00
G1016A/02 Ivory Velveteen $10.00


MM: Silk weight is rated in Momme (MM). Momme describes the weight of 100 yards of silk, 45 inches wide, in pounds. So, if a fabric is listed with a Momme of 5MM, it means that 100 yards of the fabric would weigh 5 pounds. Hence the lower the Momme, the lighter the fabric.  1 Momme = 4.34 grams per square meter.

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